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Essay pakistan india relationship

essay pakistan india relationship

1947, the Kashmir dispute and the many military conflicts which have been fought between the. Other confidence building measures such as the 2003 ceasefire and the Delhi Lahore Bus service were victorious in improving relations. These two states of South Asia share historic, cultural, geographic and economic links but their relationship has been filled with hostility and doubt. But still there is no light visible or the horizon. It is a positive sign that the people of these preparing a good thesis statement countries want to end up old enmity and want to resolve their disputes in a friendly style. Both states accused the other of not providing enough security to the minorities that war emigrating, this increased hostility amongst the two new nations. It is such a strange fact that, a country born out of India's own flesh and blood should be so very rebellious against India.

essay pakistan india relationship

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Now the common people of one country can go and see their relatives and friends in the other country. Moreover, this tense relationship has given the people poverty and economic problems. However the terrorist attacks that occur have ruined such efforts. There are many factors responsible for this alarming situation. This partition from the British displaced around.5 million people and there were many losses to lives some say peter nguyen stupid essays a hundred thousand while others say a million.

India became a secular nation.
After this Independence, India and, pakistan had formed diplomatic relations but the effects of the fierce partition and territorial conflicts kind of suppressed the diplomatic relationship.
Relation between, india and, pakistan online, essay free Download The outside world is very rightly scared of the unfriendly relations between.
Any violent conflict between them can now result in massive destruction.
India and, pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a number of historical and political events.

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