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Wintergirls by laurie halse anderson essay

wintergirls by laurie halse anderson essay

and Lia, makes you want to know what had happened that was bad enough to end. English 2 Pre-AP, april 12, 2012 A Bumpy Road to Recovery Lia Overbrook is an anorexic girl who seeks recovery for her cut up and weightless body. I believe the other characters are to show the affects of anorexia and bulimia on not only the people who have it; but the effect on their friends and families as well. Physical aspects: blond hair.

wintergirls by laurie halse anderson essay

Wintergirls by, laurie, halse, anderson. Wintergirls is a book related to eating disorders. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis. Laurie, halse, anderson, essay 652 Words 3 Pages. Speak is a cleaver and an ironic title for a story in which the main character chooses not to speak.

Wintergirls, by, laurie, halse, anderson - at Amazon

wintergirls by laurie halse anderson essay

Lia's anorexia nervosa is also something that pushes the plot forward because the problems and situations that arise from that give the book a little suspense to keep you interested. It appears all throughout the story such as in the anorexia of Lia and the bulimia of Cassie. Theme examples that support theme "it took me years to get that tiny" "At 99lbs I think clearer, look better, feel stronger" "I am the thinnest girl in the room, hands down" "she was puking on purpose, so she wouldn't get fat" "She said. You also see the way Lia treats food. She's never satisfied with her weight, its always has to be lower. She considers food as a poison nursing case study essay asthma almost, something that should not enter her body. Melinda, however, is not interested in gaining popularity and spends much of her time in an abandoned janitor's closet at school. Whenever he sees her, he antagonizes her in ways that make her relive her initial experience with him. Her parents and guidance counselor try to get her to open up about her poor academic performance, but Melinda refuses to speak to them. Throughout the story Lia strives to become the size she perceives to be attractive.

Speak by, laurie, halse, anderson, essay - 1749 Words Bartleby
Character Analysis
Freeman in Speak by, laurie, halse

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