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Civilization, according to some historians, first came into play in the year 3000 BCE. Prior to the 18th century, Europeans viewed these nations with the utmost respect in regards to..
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Essay modern technology advantages disadvantages

essay modern technology advantages disadvantages

of fire during stone age, and the process of producing light, heat, and cooking food are the examples of technology. Ease in travelling: The invention of wheel is perhaps the most important technological discovery in human history. 2) Man is doing illegal things by using. The vehicle emission is among major causes of air pollution. They can quickly extract huge quantity of natural resources. Social gap: Not all people know to make the best use of technology. Loud noise of vehicles and running factories disrupts the human auditory senses.

This essay set of points of advantages and disadvantages of internet for students and other peoples.
All the Merits Demerits and drawbacks of internet.
Today in this article I am going to talk about the importance of science and technology.

Technology enhances the usefulness of goods and services in a safe manner. 3) Communication is become easy, fast and cheaper. Food preservation technologies such as freezing, canning, packaging, drying, etc., prevent or slows down the growth of bacteria and yeast. Excessive use of pesticides in farming has caused soil erosion. However, too much of anything is bad. Click here to see more, ielts essays of band 8 twenty first were, i would like. Our aim should be constructive not destructive. People are excessively dependent of modern gifts of technologies such as cars, computers, smartphones, etc. Electric light, Air conditioner, fan, and all the electronic gadgets are all gift of science. So there is more importance of science and technology today. The clothes we wear, the house we live, the car we travel, the bridge and flyovers, the mobile phone we carry, the fan, etc.

essay modern technology advantages disadvantages

Today man have progressed through science and technology and made his life secure and comfortable. Globalization is such a commonly used term in the twentieth century. It simply means that the world has become integrated economically, socially, politically and culturally through the advances of technology, transportation and communication. Modern technology, such as personal computers and the internet, has made it possible for many people to work from their home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this situation?