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Kensington runestone research paper

kensington runestone research paper

achieved brief success in 1949, when the stone was put on display at the Smithsonian Institution, and scholars such as William Thalbitzer and. Amazingly, this geoglyph points directly to the island of La Haute-Cote Nord, the island in the Saint Lawrence Seaway that provides the first clue, the termination point of the 013 degree radial, in solving the Newport Tower Puzzle. On the other hand, if some Wikipedia-acceptable "reputable authority" has previously suggested that these letters are carved differently (as opposed to just being a different script) then by all means add a sentence or two reflective essay on the alchemist using that as a reference. A b Tryggve Sk├Âld (2003). It's only relevant to the article if she uses this as arguments concerning the stone.

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As previously stated, the builders of the Newport Tower and creators of the Kensington Runestone have little use for words and place most of their emphasis on numbers, geometry and symbols. Through artifact collections, as well as Inuit stories collected in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, she builds a credible case for longstanding European occupation. ( ( ) (2 * 10:56, (UTC) Update, 19 December 2008. I haven't seen any reference to any sources claiming this. It's a bad, obvious fake, made by somebody who knows nothing about runestones. Jon kare ( talk ) 11:52, 17 September 2009 (UTC) Nonetheless, I thought this statement in the article was awfully condescending to advocates for the stone's authenticity. And even if it was a reliable source talking about pre-columbian transoceanic contact, which it is not, it is not relevant for the article unless this trans-oceanic contact was with Norse people in Minnesota. Based on the language evidence, particularly the umlauted runes, it seems highly unlikely that the runestone was carved before the 1500s (but only seems, as Nielsen has indicated elsewhere). The Newport Tower, Inspiration Peak, and the Kensington Runestone were important in outlining the territory given to the Celts/Templars by the Portuguese. This placed the end point on what became known as "The Spacer shown below. A string of snide comments. Wouldn't you expect such a message to includes the names of the survivors as well as the victims?

kensington runestone research paper

There is some limited historical evidence for possible 14th-century Scandinavian expeditions to North America.
In a letter by Gerardus Mercator to John Dee.
Using exhaustive research, objective analysis and personal testimony, Nielsen, Wolter, and their team have left scientific prejudice behind and refused to leave one document or stone left unturned.
Papers, which helped shed light on the mysterious identity of the stones carvers.
Kensington, rune Stone has been.

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