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Health hazards due to pollution essays

health hazards due to pollution essays

of human activities like, uncontrolled waste disposal and industrialization. Amongst serious diseases in India that can be linked to atmospheric pollution are cases of acute respiratory infection (accounting for 6 percent of deaths). Ultra violet rays from the sun can cause dangerous diseases like skin cancer to human beings and also affect plants which the primary producers on earth. In fact, there are only two main arteries for this bustling metropolis. CNG has been introduced partially in other cities like Mumbai and Baroda as fuel for motor vehicles replacing the diesel. Stricoff,., Groover,. However, the diligence and commitment of all stakeholders regarding safe work practices leads to the prevention of major accidents and injuries. In any case if the serious pollution problems occur, it causes hazardous to the life. We cannot live here in the absence of all the basic components of life. Urbanization has taken place in a big way leading to the growth of the slums. The owners and management of the organization need to implement rules, regulations, procedures, and systems relevant to safety and health.

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When rainfall (water) combines with sulphur it forms a weak acid known as sulphuric acid that accompanies rain water when it rains. Also some minerals like Uranium are of adverse effect to the surrounding community if not carefully handled. Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the growing number of automobiles, release of poisonous gases, smoke from industrial companies, finely dissolved solids, liquid aerosols, etc in the atmosphere. Lathe urban areas, the slums are on the rise, they do not have a safe and separate drinking water sources. You can select any pollution essay according to the need and requirement: Air Pollution, water Pollution, soil Pollution, noise Pollution. Our very survival is in danger if we seek to pollute the very world we are living. Environment according to the Dictionary of Biology is the complete range of external conditions under which an organism lives including physical, chemical and biological factors such as temperature, light and the availability of food and water. But, just imagine what happened when we start finishing plants.

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