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Essay about computer games advantages and disadvantages

essay about computer games advantages and disadvantages

use computers and become familiar with new technology. If you play the computer, we will also follow these recommendations. 5- Use as leisure and entertainment. If children use computer game from their childhood age, they are familiar with most of the function of computer; this will be very helpful for their future career. The impact of excessive visual medium is evident as a large number of children these days start wearing spectacles from an early age. A fine and delicate balance can go a long way in ensuring that children are not only able to have fun and derive benefits from these video games but in the process do not lose out on other essential parts of life. In addition, we also have to point out that there are activities that are tremendously entertaining and absorbing, so you can spend more time than usual. On the other hand, spending too much time on computer games might be dangerous for children. Parents should also care about their schedule for computer game. Computers have become an integral part of our lives and our homes. On the contrary, misuse of electronic games can have detrimental impacts on the performance of children in diverse areas.

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Computers have become indispensable in the modern times. At present, there are many people who use devices with which they can play and yet few are aware of the disadvantages and negative effects they may have for the people who use. However, currently much time is spent on video games. Entertainment time is important for enhanced development of children and spare time activities can improve their development in academics. Both adults and young people spend several hours a day playing, either through the media named above or by other devices such as mobile or tablets. Therefore, the assistance from adults is needed to help children to keep a balance between computer games and other compulsory deals. Some believe this is a beneficial trend while others think it is detrimental. In the highly developed technological modern world, it is important for children to play computer games. Sometimes, this content is not only limited to physical aggression but also enters ideologies. . On the other hand because of interesting features and different types of games in computer, firstly children become too much dependent. Finally, note that it is important from home to discuss the most suitable timetables for the use of video games, both for the child and for the adult in order to make good use and maximize its benefits. This has given children an easy access to video games and a lot of them play them all the time.

essay about computer games advantages and disadvantages

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To sum up, there are lots of merits of using computer game however.
Video games have advantages and disadvantages; The positive side.

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