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Smart antenna research papers

smart antenna research papers

microstrip patch antenna array positioned along the H-plane including the effect of edge reflections. Detailed design methodology with fabrication process steps is outlined in this article. Probe feed technique is used in this slotted antenna for multiband behavior. Modeled results indicate the PSF Review Paper on Comparative Study of Dual Band Microstrip Patch Antenna free download abstract In this paper we survey a dual band microstrip patch antenna for improvement of bandwidth, gain and directivity. "The Least-Squares CMA: A New Technique for Rapid Correction of Constant Modulus Signals". In the design, firstly design a patch antenna at resonating frequency.4 GHz. According to CS, the success probability of Effects of Modified Ground Structure on a CPW-fed Patch Antenna. Gain enhancement of a wide slot antenna over a wide frequency band using a low profile, second order bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS) as a superstrate is presented in this paper.

Junnarkar, Sandeep (15 September 1998). For the circularly polarized microstrip patch antenna with artificial ground structure FOR wideband applications free download Abstract-This paper represents the circularly polarized patch antenna by using an Artificial Ground structure with rectangular cells as a reflector for wideband applications.

The two array elements are symmetrically placed with the same dimensions, and each of the them consists of a novel driven strip and a wandering shorting strip. Jack Winters showed in 1984 that received signals from multiple antennas can be combined (using the optimum combining technique) to reduce co-channel interference in digital mobile networks. 64 The Broadband Wireless Industry Forum (bwif) was created in 1999 to develop a vofdm standard. Was the defence of his doctor of science dissertation, held in 1967. 8 The Wullenweber could electronically scan the horizon 360 and determine the direction of any signal with reasonably good accuracy. Optimization Antenna by AI, Machine Learning. The proposed mimo system Novel planar transmission line coupling elements for use in deployable antenna systems free download abstract Beam-forming network (BFN) losses can severely limit the efficiency of very large aperture direct radiating array (DRA) antennas. Ieee Transactions on Communications.