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The amendment allows for new construction, in addition to rehabilitation and reconstructio.more, cmr. It was too large for the government to conceal; they suspended normal broadcasts on state radio and..
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Essay punctuality kids

essay punctuality kids

is one of the most important characteristics of a successful person. Now-a-days, essay writing has been common phenomenon in the schools and colleges. Other than human lives, if we have a look on the natural processes (like sun rise, air blow, water flow, moon rise, sun set, seasons how to do deadlines for thesis statement arrival, flower blooming, and many more all happens on right time without getting late even for a minute.

The need for punctuality everyday life: arrives- timeliness plays a significant role in every walk of udent must reach school or college on time. Students should follow all the great world leaders to achieve fame and success. Punctuality is the habit of doing things promptly at the proper time.

Thus punctuality is treated attention to the appointed time. It makes a person more efficient and helps him to go with time. It is considered as the best key to success in every field of work. Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs. Punctuality means what we want to do on time which we set.and if you were never able to do that then do not give any excuses. A disciplined and punctual student always gets respect, recognition and social acceptance in the school and society. Punctuality benefits not only the individual concerned, but also other members of society.

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Being punctual is not a burden. Punctuality Essay 6 (400 words introduction, punctuality means always being on time. A punctual person looks very healthy, fit, strong, trustworthy and beautiful. Learn to prioritize important tasks. A man who is punctual in his everyday life enjoys certain advantages which others do not get. Any good habit becomes very good and never goes whenever it is acquired well by the person. Punctuality is of great values to the students as it teaches them discipline also. Being a successful person means arriving to the destination what a person want in the life. In the Western countries, people know the value of punctuality. It is very true that punctuality is the key to success because the person who does not understand the meaning and value of time can never get success in his/her life.

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