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Cruelty to animals essay conclusion

cruelty to animals essay conclusion

each species. One may volunteer at an animal shelter, bring food for animals and spend time with them. Write about legal ways of preventing and fighting against cruel treatment with animals. If one cannot directly participate in such organization, there is always a possibility to donate, which is also very helpful. If more people are aware of new animals on the endangered species list, there is more of a chance that researchers will get more funds. Even when the animals are not disturbed by human presences watching over them, there is constant noise of other creatures and maintenance works on the zoo (e.g. Write about advantages of local farmer's markets in comparison to global production. Also, they are killed all the time, even if is illegal.

In this case, this should not be seen as cruelty, and thus the owner should not be legally persecuted. Animals who stray across large distances in nature often develop 'zoo chosis' in captivation which is similar to dementia in humans. Show more, so i wrote a speech on why animals used for entertainment is wrong, basically i talked about how zoos arent helping endangered species and how animals in circuses suffer! As it can be noticed, cruelty to animals is defined based on specific criteria that allow us to evaluate the way an animal is treated. It will guide you step-by-step through the process of finishing your assignments without stress, while also managing your time. Zoos have to educate the public about the value of animals so that people understand the importance of conservation. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? Because of this, it is clear that in order to maintain physical and psychological well being in animals, it is vital that animals which are used to being together with animals of their kind should not be isolated from one another. For example, in zoos, polar bears are usually confined to spaces that are only around one-millionth the size of their minimum home range in the wild. Rspca Australia (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals you will find a list of actions and conditions that can be qualified as cruelty to animals.

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