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Consequentialism thesis

consequentialism thesis

this very strange-looking line that was roughly parabolic, but had heaps of squiggles. The aforementioned theories do not merely identify some bearer of final epistemic value, but also define one designator of epistemic rightness (for example, justification, rationality, epistemic excellence) in terms of such value. Some discussions of consequentialism in ethics suggest that restricted versions of consequentialism are not genuinely instances of consequentialism (see, for instance, Pettit (1988 Portmore (2007 Smith (2009 and Brown (2011). The causal consequences of believing p are explicitly ruled out by Feldman as relevant to that beliefs justificatory status. Thats what theyll say, and theyll focus really on acts. Against all these views, I argue that morality can demand virtually anything from an agent and that under certain circumstances an agent would be willing to sacrifice his deepest commitments to meet morality's demands. Sarah Conly - 1983, the Monist 66 (2 tails, the Presidential Address: The Ethical Credentials of Partiality. As Goldman conceives of it, the epistemic value of believing a true answer to a question of interest is 1, the epistemic value of withholding belief to a true answer.5, and the epistemic value of rejecting a true answer. (2009) Two Notions of Epistemic Normativity Theoria 75: 161178. What we need is a way of arguing for a moral theory that does not start by begging the question which kind of theory is most plausible.

185, even claims that regardless of whether the judge refers directly to consequences or relies on dogmatic concepts, institutions or theories which, in their current meaning, are determined by analysis of consequences, the influence of impact considerations on judicial decisions can be proven. For consequentialism to take this line, however, is for it to restrict its explanatory ambitions. References and Further Reading Adler,. Since the year 2000, Switzerland has had its own instrument of regulatory impact assessment RFA) at the Confederation level, which is informed by the oecd recommendations. If epistemic justification were not conducive to truth in this way, if finding epistemically justified beliefs did not substantially increase the likelihood of finding true ones, then epistemic justification would be irrelevant to our main cognitive goal and of dubious worth. However, as Selim Berker (2013b) has noted, the very structure of consequentialist views in epistemology looks as though there will be some case that can be brought against the consequentialist where some set of beliefs are justified purely in virtue of statistical information about the. Christine Swanton Utilitas 13 (2 tails How Should One Live?

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