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Essay on cultural diversity in america

essay on cultural diversity in america

Americans. Instead, Americans needed settling practical aspects of business first, while interpersonal relations and incomprehensible general principles remained secondary for them. Diversity is what makes America different and interesting. The largest ethnic groups in the US nowadays are the descendants of Germans, African Americans, the Irish, British and Mexicans. Instead, they have received warm welcome not only from the part of the company but also from the part of local officials. Moving forward America can foster an environment and commitment of pluralism; teaching through acceptance and engaging with other from who are different. This allowed me the opportunity to see first and the differences of opinions and reality. I believe by the year 2050 the United States will have changed look and feel where immigration and demographics are concern.

American culture began to form before the US became a country.
It was influenced by British culture in its earliest form and inherited the language, legal system and other cultural aspects.
America is greatly influenced and enhanced by the many versatile cultures which inhabit.
Cultural diversity has added to our economy in such a way that it brings innovated ideas and contact structures throughout the world.

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Obviously, diversity is what makes this country so remarkable in the first place. It means understanding that each individual is unique as well as recognizing our individual differences. Diversity in America Essay Example, american culture began to form before the US became a country. The Chinese part took a lot of time for consideration involving senior staff and officials in the important decision making process, whereas Chinese expected American negotiators to take decisions immediately, while any delays were perceived as malicious. This is why they insisted on the establishment of interpersonal relations and priority of moral obligations, while contract obligations were insignificant for them. On the contrary, Chinese put the corporate philosophy and culture prior to practical issues related to their business. I have become more tolerant accepting other cultures even adapting some of their ways into my own life. This lack will have a direct effect on our future and how will communicate and exist with each other. Furthermore, Chinese insisted on clauses about arbitration to be able to refer to third parties, in case of breach of contract by either party, whereas Americans expected to stick to the contract and specific legal procedures, which should be applied in case of the breach. Tanking about diverse population in US it is essential to mention the concept of the melting pot. In addition, Chinese way of building up relations means corruption for Americans. Therefore, American culture is truly a mixture of other cultures.

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