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These regulations and requirements are based on the current FDA Food Code definition of potentially hazardous foods. The water activity of a food describes the energy state of water..
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1910 Another bi-racial group of activist establishes the National Urban League to remediate the victimization and deplorable social and economic conditions faced by blacks, who migrated North in hope of..
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Living in urban areas essay

living in urban areas essay

in cities there is no garbage disposal facility. Ways to Keep Urbanization in Check Here are some ways to keep Urbanization in check: Employment The chief reason of Urbanization is the migration of people from rural areas to urban areas in search of employment opportunities. "Students Performance In Rural And Urban Areas Education Essay.". Most of teachers compete for placement in urban schools. Population living in urban areas in India according to census 2001 was.53, standing.16 as per census 2011. Spreading awareness and educating people about family planning and population control should be emphasized. Larger use of vehicles release gases by fuel combustion. To some people the bad aspects override the good ones, and these people choose to live in urban areas. To export a reference to this article please select a referencing stye below: Essays,.

What influences an individual to select one way of living over another? Most of the teacher did not want to posting in rural area because they think it will bring difficulty to them. Most important is government should ensure that teachers are adequately qualified to teach the subject that allocated for them and they can do their work directory services essay properly. Suburban and urban lifestyles both have characteristics that can be viewed as advantages or disadvantages. While it is good that our country is progressing and that more and more people want to lead a modern life, get better education and good employment opportunities, Urbanization can have negative repercussions as well. Urbanization is the process in which people leave rural areas and shift to urban areas either due to push or pull factors. Parents of rural students were less likely to expect their children to advance their education. Industries release greenhouse gases causing rise in the temperature of the earth and creating air pollution. In this study, students in rural areas have low performance compared to students in urban areas because it is relate to their parents education.

India is facing serious problem of rise in urban population presently. Modernization Urban areas are characterized by new technology, infrastructural development, better health care and medical facilities, liberalization and better standard of living. Education department also should visit all schools to establish and verify their needs to ensure that resources are allocated in line with their needs and status. However, over Urbanization in cities especially metro cities is resulting in adverse effects.

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