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Dracula symbolism essay

dracula symbolism essay

contact. He notes that "The blood is how to write a good sponsorship proposal letter the life!" As a matter of fact, every human acknowledges that life more spiritual than human. Sexual Connotation in Dracula, steak perfectly brings into perspective the symbolism of a sexual scene. As such, the use of stake in this scene is easily interpreted to imply Arthurs penis. One night Mina follows Lucy during one of her sleepwalking episodes. Dracula with notes, an introductory essay, a selected filmography of major vampire films, commentary by leading horror writers, and new illustrations by Christopher Bing.

With business concluded, Harker finds himself Draculas prisoner as well as his blood donor. This is perfectly affirmed in the" in chapter ten that "The whole bed would have been drenched to a scarlet with the blood the girl must have lost." Indeed, there is little doubt in the idea that Dracula was drawing his livelihood from sucking. No wonder readers in the world over acknowledge that Dracula and the vampire look quite inseparable in the eyes of the readers (Bram Stoker 1897. Ideally, the beauty aspect of the story seems to have been picked from the mythology surrounding the life of Elizabeth Bathory. In England, Mina Murray, Harkers fiancee, visits her friend, Lucy Westenra, who is suddenly stricken with an unexplained illness. The Power of the Mirror, there is quite a very rich symbolism in the use of the mirror. When Dracula bites certain victims such as when he attacks Lucy and Mina, it symbolizes him having a sexual interaction with these two women.

Jack, Arthur and Quincey. This is the quintessential story of the vampire, thing of the undead who has haunted the memory of the European mind for centuries. From a critical look at the book in entirety, its quite noticeable that the crucifix or Christian faith had a great bearing in many scenes. The submissive and inferior nature of women is presented in the final scene of the novel, as Mina bends to the will of Van Helsing by staying in the ring of crumbled Holy Communion wafers.